About Me

Passionate about the financial markets, I’ve been an equity trader and investment analyst for over 10 years now. I’ve worked in Asia, the Middle East and most recently Europe. I’ve been educated with business and finance masters. Currently, I work full time building a startup that’s attempting to better the news.

I’ve been tracking the crypto markets since 2017 and never been more excited about this field than NOW. I’ve made my mistakes along the way. But each trade’s been a lesson learn. Strong believer in this field, I think it’s something which is bound to grow massive in the future. It’s very very young. So you’re not missing out. I’ve studied and practiced fundamental and technical analysis and generally like a blend of the two in taking investment calls. Fundamentals help in knowing that you’re holding something sound. Technicals help in knowing when to buy or sell. That’s the easiest way to understand investing.

Through this blog, I aim to

  • share my own knowledge
  • my investments and the ones I get into in the future
  • provide basic knowledge into this field
  • teach you some fundamental and technical analysis along the way
  • share interesting links

I think there’s such a dearth of knowledge within crypto, and hope I can help in filling some of that vacuum. Do not consider any of the investments made here as financial recommendations. Do your own research before getting into projects.

The aim here is to learn, and make informed decisions. Not to ape into what the crowd’s doing. Ultimately it’s a financial asset and can go either ways. But I do believe crypto ought to be a part of your investment portfolio. Invest an amount you’re willing to lose.

Just remember. Anyone can learn about cryptocurrencies. Make money with the goal of attaining financial freedom.