About Me

Passionate about the financial markets, I’ve worked in the space for nearly 15 years. I’ve held a diverse set of roles within this space, from research & analysis, to business journalism & content writing. I’ve expanded the scope of my skillsets in recent years to include digital marketing and social media management among others. Worked with a bunch of startups in recent years across India, the Middle East, Sweden and now Romania.

I’m jumping between Stockholm and Bucharest currently. In my full-time role, I’m currently working for ZoidPay, the go-to open architecture for building the next generation of Web 3.0 financial services.

I’ve been following the crypto markets since 2017 and the interest in the space has only grown since. I find it exciting, there’s always something new popping up each day. I think we’ve only scratched the surface of this tech. Its young and evolving by the day.

I realised there’s a dearth of knowledge within crypto, particularly after interacting with some colleagues, and friends. Hence, this blog. It even came out of an interest in learning to build a web page. Do not consider any of the investments made here as financial recommendations – they’ve probably gone haywire given the state of the markets currently. But, I’d suggest giving them a read – can help you learn something, I hope. And, of course, do your own research before getting into projects.

Through this blog, I aim to

  • share my own knowledge
  • my investment ideas and the ones I get into in the future
  • provide basic knowledge of this field
  • teach you some fundamental and technical analysis along the way
  • share interesting links and learnings

The aim here is to learn, and make informed decisions. Not to ape into what the crowd’s doing. Ultimately it’s a financial asset and can go either ways. But I do believe crypto ought to be a part of your investment portfolio. Invest an amount you’re willing to lose.

Just remember. Anyone can learn about cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t need to be so complicated.