About Me

With a diverse background in finance, trading, and marketing, I (believe 😅) I’m currently navigating the transition from traditional banking and Web 2 to the exciting realms of DeFi and Web 3.

My experience since 2007 spans multiple industries and setups, from working at India’s largest private sector bank, HDFC, to contributing to the growth of innovative startups like Newsvoice (Sweden) and ZoidPay (Romania). It’s been a constant learning and evolving journey which has taken me across countries including India, Malaysia, the UAE, Sweden and more recently Romania. It’s been fun.

I’ve been following the crypto markets since 2017 and the interest in the space has only grown since. Through this blog, I aim to

  • share my own knowledge
  • my investment ideas and the ones I get into in the future
  • provide basic knowledge of this field
  • teach you some fundamental and technical analysis along the way
  • share interesting links and learnings

The aim here is to learn and make informed decisions. Not to ape into what the crowd’s doing. Ultimately it’s a financial asset and can go either way. But I do believe crypto ought to be a part of your investment portfolio. Invest an amount you’re willing to lose.

Just remember. Anyone can learn about cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t need to be so complicated.


✨Portfolio Highlights

A look at my contributions across projects!🚀

Bucharest, Romania

Domain: Web3

  • Worked in the capacity of CMO
  • Managed a team of Marketing Managers, Interns and more
  • Built a brand voice and communication strategy
  • Scaled social media accounts
  • Grew the community by working alongside Moderators and Ambassadors
  • Successfully crafter a marketing plan for the NFT collection of Zoidsters, which sold out in a matter of minutes
  • Implemented marketing plans for the Browser Extension
  • Worked directly in engaging influencers including Data Dash, AltCoin Daily and the like
  • Crafted pre and post-listing marketing strategies on exchanges including xExchange, Kucoin, MEXC and more
  • Oversaw Business Development department too, while forging partnerships across L1 and L2 projects.

Stockholm, Sweden

Domain: News

  • Oversaw all content & marketing responsibilities around the app
  • Managed a team of five journalists, and over 250 active volunteers to the app
  • Scaled the app usage to over 100,000 MAU
  • Researched and undertook influencer marketing to achieve an average Cost per Install of $0.43 against industry averages of $2-$4

Staking Rewards
Sankt Gallen, Switzerland

Domain: Web3

  • Worked in the capacity of a freelance content writer
  • Sample 1
  • Sample 2
  • Sample 3
  • Sample 4
  • Sample 5
  • Also, handled the video/ podcast creation, editing, and promotion for Staking Insider, a weekly discussion with industry leaders
  • Social media management (Twitter, LinkedIn)

Invest Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

Domain: FinTech

  • Researched and drafter in entirety the 2018 Fintech Report for Invest Stockholm
  • Researched the subject, collated data, networked, and wrote the report
  • Here’s the report