There’s really very little to write in an introduction on such a post. So let’s just get in

  1. Stop APEING blindly

The move from ape to human happened over millennia. So there’s no need to continue acting like one. STOP apeing blindly. APE smartly instead, if you want. Just because the world’s screaming DOGE, don’t go and put your money in that. There’s a strong chance you’ll end up bruised. At least not until you reach a level where you feel confident in your trading skills. Especially not, if you’re just beginning.

2. BUY NOW NOW. It’s now or never

You’ll hear loads of advice, and Twitter’s notorious for that. So called crypto influencers SCREAMING, “Last chance to get into ______ before it moons”(Btw, moons or mooning refers to some crypto moving rapidly high). IGNORE that. There’s are thousands of cryptocurrencies. You lose one, you’ll get another. You lose 9, you still have the 10th. You rush in crypto and you’re more likely to end up like this


DON’T. Can’t stress this enough. Invest an amount you’re okay losing. DO NOT invest an amount which, if you lose, you’ll be begging and borrowing to survive. So ya, DO NOT GO BIG. Instead invest smart. It’s not uncommon for even a $100 investment to become $1000 or $10000 in cryptocurrencies. You don’t need to target becoming a millionaire in every trade. One step at a time.

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