This post is small and just wanted to stress a point I made here

  • Blockchain is NOT Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin is NOT Blockchain
  • Blockchain as a concept is bigger than Bitcoin.

Think of the internet. The internet is not just Google search. You have social media, emails, business websites, blogs – the internet is an enabler of all of this. Similarly, blockchain is an enable that’s allowing the creation of technology such as cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and so on. It’s a technology with immense use cases.

So if someone tells you “Oh blockchain. That’s Bitcoin. It’s a Scam. Stay away”. You know what to do. Here are some choices

1. Ask them to leave. Tell them you’re having a heart attack

2. Here’s the second option

3. Something more. And, there’s one more after this…..

4. ………

That’s obviously a joke…………………………Or, is it?

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