NFT’s are hot. The recent response to Polkamon just goes to show the level of interest in this space. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of NFT’s, check this to get acquainted with what they are. The segment is buzzing with new projects and one glance at OpenSea and you can gauge the sentiment on this. Everything’s seems to be on sale – Crypto Dogs, Apes, Gorillas, Punks, Human Beings, Goats, Socks, Skeletons,…..

I recently came across a project within this segment called The Atomic Heroes and was very intrigued by the work there. For a start it goes beyond merely replicating a successful NFT from before. It, in fact, goes a step ahead, has a practical purpose, and blends education, science, adventure, fantasy with NFTs. It’s a new project but the work behind it has been ongoing for a few years. Hats off to Nicholas Reilly and his team. They’ve toiled away at this project and are now seeing it launch across different platforms. There’s even a book coming up soon. So here’s Nicholas talking about the project. There’s tons of insights within, including details about NFTs, the work behind this project and future plans.

An introduction to the project

My name is Nicholas Reilly and I’m the Creator of The Atomic Heroes. The way I usually describe The Atomic Heroes is as a science fantasy, action-adventure. That might be a handful, but it does explain the project well. Each element of the Periodic Table has been made into a superhero. The superheroes design and powers are based on the elements real-life properties.

For example, Oxygen, my main character, has two small flying Hydrogen friends with her which she can create water with, H20. Carbon, who is another main character, is made out of charcoal and can activate into Diamond Form. In Diamond Form his body transforms into a diamond, which makes him the strongest in the world.

The goal is making a story based, action adventure where children get to know the elements through stories rather than chemistry. There will be heroes you hate and heroes you love, just like in any other story.


My motivation behind doing this

At first, I just had a cool idea, and I kept working on it. I loved the challenge and the set framework of working within the Periodic Table. On top of that, I felt like I was doing something good for society and our education system by making something like this. But honestly, I’m still a kid at heart and I’m trying to make something I like!

I came up with the idea for this project while studying chemistry in 2012. I’ve been working on the projects since then, more intensely through these last three years. One and a half year ago, my illustrator partner joined the project which has taken it to the next level. 

Upcoming plans for the project

We’ve got our Atomidex books in the pipeline right now. The first volume is ready for release within a couple of weeks. There will be more Atomidexes coming this year. I’m also writing the storybooks where we really get to know the Heroes and see their superpowers in action through archetypal storylines.

Regarding NFTs we do hope to release bigger projects down the line. I’ve been thinking about “Foundation Cards” which are cards that can be used in multiple different games. That is quite a big project in itself. Here’s a video explaining Foundation Cards,

My take on the NFT segment, and its prospects

I think NFTs are in a bubble at this time. The scary thing is that once the bubble pops things might get ugly. There is no possibility to sell on your way down, as you would with Bitcoin. The nature of NFTs are what makes them unique, which also means there is no liquid market. This means the NFTs most likely will hit the floor extremely hard. By floor I mean the bottomed out price, much like Bitcoin went from $20,000 to $3000 over a 2 year period, $3000 being the floor.

What distinguishes The Atomic Heroes NFT

I think there are two things that distinguishes our collection.

The first, and most important one, is that we’ve got an IP that has been in development for eight years. We have books on the way out. We have an IP foundation, we are venturing out into many directions, not only NFTs. We want to build something massive here and that bodes well for our NFTs in the long run. To sum it up. We’re here for the LONG RUN.

Second, is that we have a fun theme in our current collection. There are only as many copies of the Atomic Hero as its Atomic Number. This means that there are only 8x of my main character Oxygen, 1x of Hydrogen and 84x of Polonium. With this structure, we hope to make it possible for many people to at least own one Atomic Hero.

Where can one buy the book or the NFTs

Our books will be available on Amazon within a couple of weeks. The NFTs can be bought on Opensea and Rarible. Here’s the links

For more about this project, check out

Disclaimer: I recently got myself an Atomic Hero. So I’m looking forward to see how this project evolves. I think it’s fun.

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